1. I tried using your email leveglr@gmail, but my message keeps getting kicked back as undeliverable.
    My name is Lisa and I am a strict vegetarian/mostly vegan woman living
    in Little Rock. I am thrilled to hear about The Veg. When and where
    will it be opening? I am also interested in your free cookies :) Will
    you be having any gluten free options or soy free products as well?
    Please let me know what I need to do to try out your vegan cookies.


    1. Hello Lisa sorry about the Email issue. The Veg is looking to be open within a year. Considering the river market as a possible location . We will eventually create allergen sensitive menu items. We can meet you on the River Market anytime today All
      we're looking for is a little feedback and help spreading the word :)

      Thanx Mr. English

  2. I'm a strict raw vegan/ sometimes vegan. I was wondering will you have any raw vegan meals and will you also sale juices?

  3. Hello, instagram follower here. What can you do in the way of adult beverages? I'm trying to get a jest of the place and atmosphere. I have a large group of foodie friends and we are always looking for new places.